Great Chinese Restaurants in New York’s China Town

New York’s Chinatown has a larger population of Chinese-American immigrants than San Francisco’s Chinatown. New York’s Chinatown is located on the lower East side of Manhattan. It offers visitors a variety of activities, dining and shopping as well as a look into Chinese-American culture.

Chinatown in New York has a range of Asian restaurants serving Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese foods. Chinese restaurants feature a number of different regional cuisines including; Cantonese, Shanghainese and Fujianewse foods, Dim Sum and Tea Houses.

One of the best Chinese restaurants in New York City’s Chinatown is the Shanghai Garden Restaurant located at 63 Mott Street. This Shanghainese restaurant offers everything from lunch specialties to late night dinners and has a family dining atmosphere. In addition to serving authentic Shanghai cuisine, the restaurant is also one of the few that offers Hang Chow Cuisine. The price range for Shanghai Garden Restaurant is moderate with the most expensive entrée costing $23.

Another great Chinese Restaurant is Eat Inn located at 42 Bowery, that offers Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and a VIP room. It is family friendly and relatively inexpensive. 

Other Asian restaurants usually offer spicier foods than the traditional Chinese restaurants. One you will want to try is the Singapore Café. This tiny restaurant serves both Singaporean and Malaysian foods and has a diverse menu guaranteed to appeal to most appetites. The Singapore Café is located at 69 Mott Street.

Dim Sum is a variety of dumplings and appetizers that is usually served from a cart.  Dim Sum is served ala carte and each person chooses a variety of appealing specialties to share with companions. Dragon Palace at 202 Centre Street is the ideal place to taste authentic Dim Sum while visiting Chinatown in New York.  In addition to Dim Sum, Dragon Palace also offers authentic Cantonese seafood and has a private room where, after eating, you can entertain your companions with Karaoke singing.

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