Taking Vacations with Global Resorts Network Travel Club Membership: Perfect Rx for Stress Management

Global Resorts Network advocates taking care of you and your family through relaxation and vacationing.

Taking regular vacations is something everyone deserves, from the homemaker to the corporate CEO. We all need a time away to rejuvenate and ultimately add years to our life.

Ever imagined yourself alone on the beach, quietly reading your favorite book or listening to that album you’ve put out for so long?


If your answer to this question is yes, then it’s time for you to start packing and begin that long awaited, well-deserved vacation.


Today more than ever in history, stress has become a prominent concern. Different kinds of stress-related issues affect each individual in various levels.


One simple way to relieve this is by taking a vacation. It may sound easier said than done however, many would attest to the immense effect this activity had on their lives.

The Global Resorts Network  membership offers worldwide options at affordable pricing. In fact, it's a travel club that caters to the average family. 

Vacations, whether just for an extended weekend or a full two-week out in the country trip, are not only meant for only those people who burn the midnight oil. Professionals and non-professionals alike, employees at all levels in all jobs, should set aside time for themselves, their family or friends.

Taking time away is a perfect time to relax and not be bothered by the hustle and bustle of the corporate or everyday world. If you have it coming, make sure to use up those paid vacation leaves.

You’ve earned it.

First, your emotional and physical body parts have their respective saturation levels. If you're performing physical duties without reprieve and relaxation, chances are you’re taking years off your life. Taking a break proves to be a significant factor in reaching those “wonder” years in your life.

It reduces the death rate by as much as 20 percent. The average human lives up to about 65-70 years old however, this lifespan can be stretched to as long as 80-90 by just having that “down” time.

Second, improving your mental health equals less stress and depression. Most women, usually mothers who do round-the-clock work at home, get so caught up with their daily routines that they forget about taking care of themselves.

Husbands and wives should understand the need for their stay at home spouses  to detoxify themselves from all the cleaning and cooking. Working women likewise should pause and take time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Third, relationships are equally important as anyone’s career. Any imbalance between the two can end up in a disaster. Taking a family vacation is a perfect time to rekindle those sparks which have either been long forgotten or put to a halt because of each partner’s careers.

And … I'm sure you agree, children need to see their parents in a healthy and complementing relationship in order for them to feel that they are loved and their family whole.

Put everyone on notice that you are taking your vacation, providing at least a months notice. This will allow for adjustments in the office. Knowing that you’ll be out will give all of you time adjust in accomplishing tasks and rescheduling the others if need be. I wrote a previous blog on leaving the phone OFF and the laptop home.  If you haven't read that, catch it here.

Check out the Global Resorts Network travel club membership offering families a lifetime of luxury discount 7 night resort stays from as little as $398 for the week. There are destinations all over the world to choose from and can be reserved right on line.

Happy Travels .... and don't forget to take pictures and scrapbook and journal your travels!)


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Debbie Turner is a full time online entrepreneur and a has been a member of Global Resorts Network member since fall of 2007. For fun she spends time with family, always making memories, scrapbooks, and is crossing things off her bucket list like hot air ballooning over the Colorado Mountains, bicycling across the Golden Gate Bridge, hiking the Grand Canyon, and so many other things.

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