Greenwich Village in New York City

Greenwich Village is simply known as “The Village” to most New York City residents.  Located in Southern Manhattan and surrounded by Chelsea, SoHo and other well-known communities, Greenwich Village became populated in 1822 when an outbreak of Yellow Fever swept through New York City.  Many residents headed for this part of the city that was […]

Greenwich Village Keeps it’s Culture

In the 1980s, housing prices began to boom in all parts of the United States and particularly in New York City.  Greenwich Village was no longer an inexpensive place to live.  The charming area drew those with money.  Today, Greenwich Village, while not as posh as Fifth Avenue, is considered upper-crust. It is no longer […]

Empire State Building in New York City

The Empire State Building is synonymous with New York City.  For forty years it stood not only as New York City’s tallest building, but the tallest building in the world.  Sadly, it regained it’s fame as New York’s tallest building after September 11, 2001 upon the attack and destruction of the World Trade Center. The […]

Observing New York City from the Empire State Building

Unlike other tall buildings which only have a single observation tower enclosed by glass, the Empire State Building has two observation decks. It is one of the most popular observatories in the world. Each year, approximately 110 million people visit the Empire State Building. The first observation deck of the Empire State Building is not […]

Village Green at Stowe at Mount Mansfield in Vermont: 7 nights $698 w/Global Resorts Network

Attention all Skiers and Snowboarders… (and anyone else who simply loves the snow). The Village Green at Stowe is an award winning townhouse condominium resort, located in the heart of this 19th century village. Photos courtesy of Global Resorts Network Are you searching for the best price on the Village Green at Stowe?  If so, you’ll want to discover how you can do that […]

More Reasons to Cross the Brooklyn Bridge when Visiting New York

Points of interest in Brooklyn include the Brooklyn Bridge, which was constructed from 1870 to 1883 and is one of the world’s oldest suspension bridges.  It originally was used to transport streetcars and later, elevated trains, but now only carries automobiles. Other attractions include the New York Transit Museum, located in the old Court Street […]

When Visiting New York, Be Sure to Cross the Brooklyn Bridge

When we think of New York City, we often picture Manhattan Island. Manhattan is one of the five “boroughs” that comprise New York City. Each borough is unique in style, culture and history. The five boroughs consist of Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn. When visiting New York City, you will never get […]

Things to do at Coney Island Amusement Park in New York

Today, after 1.5 billion dollars in renovations, Coney Island stands proudly as a popular resort area in New York City.. It features some of the longest running amusement rides in the world. The Wonder Wheel, a 150 tall Ferris wheel, opened in 1920 and still operates today in Coney Island. This Ferris wheel has cars […]

Visit Coney Island Amusement Park in New York

Coney Island is located in the southernmost part of Brooklyn, one of New York City’s five boroughs.  It has been a resort area since the 1860s and features a beach and boardwalk with amusement rides and games. It is also an integral part of American Culture and has been featured in countless films and written about […]

Cabo San Lucas: 7 nights for $298 through Global Resorts Network

  Playa del Sol Los Cabos is located on a spectacular white sand beach just minutes from downtown San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas.   Photos courtesy of Global Resorts Network Are you searching for the best price on the Playa del Sol Los Cabos?  If so, you'll want to discover how you can do […]