Passport Requirements

We have been talking about getting a passport for the first time to get ready for international travel. Getting all of the documents together can be quite a headache. You have to fill out the application, prove your citizenship, prove your identification and provide a photo. Hopefully, these explanations will make this process easier for you.   For […]

International Travel: Applying for US Passports

Before packing your things and vacationing out of your country, you first must get a passport. This will serve as your ticket to any destination. This article could be very helpful to if you applying for a passport for the first time. First of all, the application must be in person. There are over seven […]

How to Get Passports for your Children in Preparation for International Travel

Getting a passport for your children is a must if you’re planning for international travel. They need passport for traveling overseas. Although, if you’re planning to cross into Bermuda, some parts of the Caribbean, Mexico or Canada by sea or land, children who are aged 15 and under can just use a certified or original […]