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Frequently Asked Questions about the the
Global Resorts Network travel club membership


There are several sections inside the Global Resorts Network travel membership. 

How is the membership broken down?

Depending on whether you are booking as the member for yourself or for guests, and how many premium weeks per year you have allotted, here's the breakdown of sections.

Booking from ANY of these sections are reserved for premium week reservations.

1. Registry of Resorts
2. Prime Weeks
3. Hot Weeks
4. Endless Holidays
5. Specialty Holidays
6. Member to Member
7. Newsletter

Booking from ANY of these sections have unlimited access and use by both the member and and their guests.  When you book through these sections for your family and friends, you as a member, are NOT required to be present at check-in.

1. Instant Bookings
2. Cruises
3. WCT Travel Center



How many weeks per year can I use my membership?

52 weeks a year. 

Having said that, there are sections of your membership which are reserved for your premium weeks and then the rest of your vacations will be through the instant bookings, the WTC and cruises section.


What sections can I use for booking travel for family and friends?

Instant bookings
the WTC (World Travel Center)

These areas are for members as well and will not use any of your membership weeks.


What is the Search Resorts Area?

This is the registry of resorts.  We have over 5000 resorts worldwide.  This is the booking area where you will search resorts and book your reservations. 
Registry offerings are for premium week usage.



What is the "Newsletter" property listings?

The Newsletter is our “Pearls”, inventories we have found available that we believe will be of specific interest to our members, usually based on qualifications like dates (holidays, peak travel, etc), and unit size (large units are in demand, and thus listed on the Newsletter when possible).  Newsletter offerings are for premium week usage.



What are the  Member to Member postings and section about?

These are postings by timeshare owner members who have timeshare weeks they cannot use and would like to sell the week to other members.  Member to Member is not unlimited, but rather you're able to book these using your premium weeks allotted with your membership purchase.  Member to Members offerings are for premium week usage.




What are Hotweeks?

Hotweeks are 7 night resort stays that range from $99 for the week up to $398.  The dates of travel for these are typically from immediately through a few months out.  However, for an extra $100, you will find some as far as 8 months out for better planning.  What happens is the travel provider reserves blocks of rooms for it's members at the beginning of the year and as time gets closer to the room block date, if they have not sold out yet, the pricing will drop.  These are the properties in the hotweek section. Hotweek offerings are for premium week usage.


What is the WTC?

It's a travel booking engine that ranges from hotels, air, car rental, attraction tickets, and more.   Take a look at this screen shot showing you the menu of services.


What are Instant Bookings aka Guest Weeks?

The Instant Bookings is a live feed of some available inventory from providers and is constantly updating.  Members have unlimited access to Instant Bookings (along with the other areas of our website designated for friends and family) no matter how many weeks are designated for their own personal travel determined by their membership contract. 

You are able to book an unlimited amount of weeks/units through instant bookings. We have had members use this section to book multiple units for the same travel dates when they are traveling with guests.  


How exactly does the instant bookings work when I'm making a reservation for family or friends?

Once you request the week, it will prompt you with the instructions on how to complete the booking. Once you accept the booking it will ask you to provide a “guest name”, where you are able to input your friends names.  You will also will need to provide payment, which you are able to use your friends credit card as long as it’s a Visa or MasterCard. Once the payment has been received, reservations and confirmation documents will be made in the names you provided us as the “guests”, your friends.

Keep in mind that placing a request within the INSTANT BOOKINGS will automatically set a courtesy HOLD on that inventory for 24 hours. If you do not ACCEPT your booking within 24 hours, the inventory will be released.

Members have unlimited access to Instant Bookings (along with the other areas of our website designated for friends and family) no matter how many weeks are designated for their own personal travel determined by their membership contract.


What is a premium week?

These are weeks that you have allotted to you based on your level of membership.   These are called premium week and are vacations that are booked through any of the following sections:

1. Registry of Resorts
2. Prime Weeks
3. Hot Weeks
4. Endless Holidays
5. Specialty Holidays
6. Member to Member
7. Newsletter


What is the difference between a premium week and an instant booking week?

The difference is the section in which you can book from.  The more in-demand resorts, availability, hotweeks, member to member postings and concierge services are all contained in the premium weeks sections listed above.  Your travel options, availability and pricing is not as appealing through instant bookings as is the premium weeks.


Which section of the membership can I book travel accommodations for friends and family without the member going?

There are three areas of our website that cater to such travel needs as follows:

1) The WCT (World Choice Travel) Travel Center
2) Cruises
3)  Instant Bookings.  The instant bookings section offers week-long resort stays for a friend or family member.  Your membership has unlimited access to these kinds of bookings and these are the bookings you yourself can book over and above the allotted premium weeks you have.

When is payment due for reservations?

Payment is due at the time an offer is accepted. Once we have your payment, we will verify the availability with our provider and charge your card. If the unit is no longer available, your card will not be charged.


How long is my membership good for?

100 years. 

Use it, enjoy it, and when you're not able to travel anymore, gift it to a friend or family member. 


Can I transfer my membership and how does that work?

Yes.  The membership transfer sale will be strictly be between you and the individual purchasing the membership. Once you are ready to transfer your membership, we will require the following:

1) Written and signed communications from the Registered Individuals indicating their desire to transfer this membership.

2) Copy of Photo Identification of each of the Registered Individuals

These documents can be sent to our office either by fax or they can be scanned and sent to our office as an email. 

3) Payment of a $75 USD Administrative Fee for the Name Change

4) Included in the communications will need to be the following for the new member:

• Name
• Physical Address
• Phone Number
• E-mail address

Please keep in mind that your membership can only be transferred ONCE and must be in the name of an individual (not a business). (I.e. the new member will not be able to transfer this membership or sell it to any other individuals.)

Once all of the above is received the membership will then be transferred to the individual indicated.


Terms and Conditions

Here are Terms and Conditions in order to answer Member questions and to help avoid misunderstandings. We hope you will find them helpful.

  • Occupants must be at least 22 years of age or accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • Reservations may be made online. Please ensure that your accommodation request form is complete. Your request should be submitted at least 6 days in advance of your planned travel.
  • Your Resort accommodation will be for 7 nights and 8 days. Unless otherwise specified, partial weeks are not available. Members wishing to extend their stays for additional days should contact the travel provider directly – they will then contact their providers to see if this is a possibility.
  • Accommodation provided will be in a two-bedroom, one bedroom or studio suite. Unit size varies according to the season and location.
  • At check-in, you will be expected to present your written confirmation, a major credit card and photo identification.
  • Confirmations are for accommodation only and do not include food, transportation or items of a personal nature.
  • All suite accommodation is subject to Gold Crown Resort’s resources. During peak seasons and holidays, certain Resorts may not be available. Our providers set specific check-in days to optimize availability; traditionally, check-in days will be Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
  • Once a holiday has been ACCEPTED, the holiday cannot be cancelled or changed and you will be immediately responsible for payment.
  • All confirmations are final and cannot be cancelled or changed. Each Resort has its own specific check-in and check-out dates and times.
  • Confirmation certificates may not be transferred or sold.
  • To ensure Members receive priority access to available accommodation, guest accommodation cannot be requested in the Member sections of the website. All guest bookings must be completed in the INSTANT BOOKINGS section of the website only.
  • The Member named in the confirmation must be present at the time of check-in.
  • Your confirmed reservation must be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes.
  • Rental of these units by Members or persons acting on behalf of Members to third parties is strictly prohibited. Unit occupancy restrictions are strictly enforced.
  • Please contact the Resort directly if you anticipate a late arrival.
  • All accommodations are quoted in US Dollars unless otherwise stated.



Do I have direct contact with the travel provider?


You will receive red carpet service from the travel provider.  Established in 1986, the focus on customer service is extraordinary.  You can talk with them directly via phone or through back office email. 

You will have kind, professional and fast service that's hard to not brag about!  I've booked many trips and have dealt with customer service so I know first hand.  You're going to love it.

What are the Membership Packages?

  • 2 Prime weeks a year for Silver Membership ($1,995) OR
  • 10 Prime weeks a year for Platinum Membership ($4,995)
  • 20 Prime weeks a year for Platinum Plus Membership ($12,500)



This is NOT a Timeshare! 

It's a TIMESHARE ALTERNATIVE every family can afford and enjoy!

  • One-time purchase Lifetime Travel Club membership
  • NO annual fees
  • NO maintenance fees
  • NO annual taxes
  • 3 and 4 star resorts
  • Over 5,000 resorts worldwide
  • 7 night resort stays are $398-$799 for the entire week per family
  • Willable and transferable for just $75
  • 100 year membership
  • Use the membership 52 weeks a year through Instant Bookings
  • You are NOT a travel agent nor do you book travel for others
  • Full customer service to assist members


  • 2 Prime weeks a year for Silver ($1,995) OR
  • 10 Prime weeks a year for Platinum ($4,995) Most Popular OR
  • 20 Prime weeks a year for Platinum Plus ($12,500)


Select Your Membership   

Option 1:  GRN Travel Club Membership Without Affiliate 

This is your access to the actual Global Resorts Network membership.  When you click on this link, you will be taken to your order form where you can select which level of membership you want. This is your link to simply be a customer and enjoy your lifetime membership to travel.  No annual fees.

Click HERE for Travel Membership with NO Affiliate Option

Option 2:  GRN Travel Club Membership With Affiliate

This is your access to the actual Global Resorts Network membership.  When you click on this link, you will be taken to your order form where you can select which level of membership you want PLUS at the same time acquiring your affiliate status.

It's $100 a year to be an affiliate.  If you decide not to be an affiliate later, simply do not renew each year.

Your affiliate status has nothing to do with your travel club membership.  Your travel club membership is lifetime and has zero to do with your affiliate status.  There are NO annual fees for your travel club membership.

Click HERE for Travel Membership With Affiliate Option




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Happy Travels and Family Memories!



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