Global Resorts Network Review

This Global Resorts Network review will shed some light on the some of the conflicting information you may have read out in internet land because of the company's structure, name change and pay plan changes over the last couple of years. 

I tried to keep this page up to date for the most current review because I was an affiliate for Global Resorts Network, however, with the new management and branding that was being put into place toward the end of 2013, I changed my affiliation in representing the travel club membership.

Therefore, because I'm not intimately involved with Global Resorts Network anymore, I can only speak accuracy with regards to the product and give you some background history on the company.  

I would like to say for the record, Global Resorts Network was a pleasure to work with during my time with them and I proudly represented the Global Resorts network name for years. I'm grateful for the experience and opportunity it provided.  

My leaving GRN and aligning with GAAB™ Travel International marketing the exact same travel membership was a personal decision based on my target audience, personal brand preference and business model.

Having said that, the product itself, the actual travel membership, is so outstanding, I believe every family around the world who likes to travel should own it.  It's so affordable, has such red carpet customer service and those who have the membership travel more, thus creating more family memories and spending time together.  


Global Resorts Network Review


I've owned the travel membership since 2007 and have interacted countless times with customer service who provides red carpet service to it's members.  It's just a joy to work with the travel provider and I'm definitely a proud happy owner of the club membership.

If you're considering purchasing the Global Resorts Network travel club membership to strictly use the product as a happy customer, OR, if your intentions are to have a home based business offering this product to others, the following will be of great interest to you. 

This Global Resorts Network review is not from someone who's not inherently involved with the product.  If it's the product information you're seeking, THAT is up to date because as I said, it's the same product I'm still marketing through GAAB™ Travel International.  The only difference is the pricing in terms of the products is that GAAB™ Travel International offers a better week/pricing structure.  It's very exciting.

Having said that, here's my Global Resorts Network review.



Global Resorts Network Review: 

Established … Location …. and Owners


global resorts network review  Background and history for Global Resorts Network

Global Resorts Network was established in 2006 by Al Morales as the exclusive online marketing arm for the travel provider, offering a luxury resort membership to the public. 

Debbie Turner and Al Morales, owner, 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona

The travel provider is a well known and highly respected giant in the travel, resort and timeshare industry.

I first met Al Morales, the founder and CEO of Global Resorts Network in 2009 and had enjoyed many conversations with him.  I have found him to be a straight shooter and down to earth.  What a great man.

Global Resorts has Affiliates worldwide.  The company was originally headquartered in the United States maintaining a physical location at  22601 N. 17th Ave. Suite 230, Phoenix, Arizona.  In 2010, the company went to a virtual office merging low cost overhead practices and the advancement of technology together. 

Towards the end of 2013, new management, new ideas, new commission structures and a new brand was established for Global Resorts Network.  This is when the owners decided to keep the name Global Resorts Network as the retail side of the business (they wanted to completely do away with it at first) and use Internet Lifestyle Network as the home based business side of it.  

I don't have the current status of how it's being marketed or what it's called today.

GRN had the exclusive rights to offer this membership using online marketing and purchasing privileges allowing people to bypass the dreaded timeshare presentation from 2006 through the end of 2013.  

While they still offer the travel club membership online, they are no longer the exclusive online marketing arm.  You can now purchase this membership through other affiliates online as well, GAAB™ Travel International being one. 

In the fall of 2010, Mark Hoverson became part owner of Global Resorts Network.

I first met Mark in 2007 at an internet conference in Minnesota.  At the time we were both affiliates for a company called Coastal Vacations and had decided independently that Global Resorts Network was far superior.  We started our own home based businesses using the Global Resorts Network travel club membership in the fall of 2007.  We had a lot of fun together and I learned a lot from him.  I have nothing but good things to say about Mark Hoverson.  He's a great family man, a great mentor, and a great friend.

Last I knew he positioned himself as a silent partner with GRN and put it under management, the details of which I'm not sure of.


Global Resorts Network

Global Resorts Network Review: 

Global Resorts Network and The Travel Provider

A lot of people don't understand this….

Global Resorts Network is separate from the travel provider. 

They are two different entities. 

Global Resorts Network is one of many affiliate arms ("store outlets" if you will)  for the travel provider who actually holds your travel club membership.  

Once you purchase the lifetime travel club membership through ANY affiliate, you no longer deal with the affiliate with whom you bought it.  You will deal with the travel provider. 

You'll have extraordinary personal attention with your travel professional through phone and email during regular business hours.  The customer service is amazing and the staff goes above and beyond to assist you with your vacations.


Global Resorts Network Review:

Marketing Strategies for GRN Affiliates

There are a SEVERAL ways that Global Resorts Network Affiliates can run their home based business.  

  •  Market the travel club membership as a retail product
  •  Market the product and opportunity to those seeking a home based business
  •  Market the product to those who go after the affiliate marketing business
  •  Market the product Business to Business 
  •  Market the product as a fundraiser
  • Any other way you think of

Global Resorts Network gives it's affiliates the freedom to market using whatever method they choose.  

However if you're an affiliate outside the US, the travel provider agreement indicates you must market solely online.  Be sure to read the terms and conditions on that.  This applies to any travel provider affiliate.

The way I built my Global Resorts Network business was through blogging, video marketing, email marketing and developing relationships with those looking to travel by staying in timeshare resorts without having to buy the timeshare… or having to sit through any grueling timeshare presentation.  

If you want to blog about your Global Resorts Network business or ANY business for that matter, I recommend the Empower Network blogging platform. 

For list building, I recommend you use the Aweber autoresponder'.

In terms of what the owners of Global Resorts Network are now directing their affiliates to do in terms of marketing, I'm not sure.  But all the traditional ways to market online and offline I would imagine are still in effect with social media being a big one.

The key to any successful business is to pick a marketing strategy that you enjoy and are willing to get good at and do that.

.Global Resorts Network Review


Global Resorts Network Review  

Mis-Names for Global Resorts Network

global resorts network review



Global Resorts Network has been mis-named by some as

  • Global Resort Networks
  • Global Resorts Networks
  • Global Vacations Network
  • Resort Network
  • Global Vacations
  • Global Vacation Club

The actual name of the company was Global Resorts Network LLC  at the time I left.  I may have changed since then.  

Global Resorts Network Review  

Official Website For Global Resorts Network

There is no official company website that I'm aware of.  When I was an affiliate for Global Resorts Network, we created our own websites, our own sales presentations and designed all our own materials.  That may have changed. 


Global Resorts Network Review  

Name Change/Alternation

The end of 2013, they announced that they would no longer be using the name Global Resorts Network, but rather Internet Lifestyle Network.  This caused a stir among long time affiliates who has been marketing this for years (I was one) and where we have content through blogs and articles, forum posts and videos and such that we've spent years embedding on the internet.  

So after seeing the response, they decided to keep the Global Resorts Network name for the "retail only" side of marketing.  

They would implement the name Internet Lifestyle Network, a name and company created by Vincent Ortega, Jr. for the "home based business" side of it.

Inside of ILN, they are calling the travel club membership something other than Global Resorts Network.  

Global Resorts Network Review – Product


Global Resorts Network

The Global Resorts Network product (as is GAAB™ Travel International's product) is a lifetime travel club membership offering 7 night stays in timeshare properties and resorts in over 5,000 locations worldwide.  

You are NOT buying a timeshare.  However, you have member benefits as if you did.  Actually, you have BETTER benefits!

As a member of this travel club, you do NOT have to sit through any timeshare presentations either before purchase or at any time EVER. You simply click a button to buy and it's yours.  No hassle.  No hard core sales tactics.  No pressure.  You are not being offered a timeshare.  

The Global Resorts Network product is a lifetime travel club membership. 

Here's how it works….

1)  You select and purchase the membership based on your budget and travel needs.

2)  You receive private login access with your username and password for the membership back office.

3)  Search the registry of resorts in over 5,000 locations world wide and find the resort you want to stay at.

4)  Request your vacation.

5)  Receive assistance with your concierge services

6)  Receive notification that your final travel docs are in your back office for you to print off.

You can go from requesting a vacation to "paid for" in about 15 minutes for a week already posted.  If it's special dates you're requesting, it could take a couple of hours while guest services go to work for you. 

Global Resorts Network offers three memberships with the only difference being how many primary weeks of use you are entitled to.  At the time I moved my affiliate status from Global Resorts Network to GAAB Travel International, the pricing was as such:  (You will need to consult with a GRN affiliate for current pricing as they changed it several times within a years time.)


The three memberships were as follows through GRN:

NOTE:  GRN has changed their pricing structure quite a bit and I believe this is not current.  (One of the reasons I now offer the SAME membership through GAAB Travel International and BETTER pricing rather than through GRN)  The Global Resorts Network membership may be purchased one of three ways. 

1) Diamond member for $11,995

  •          Access to all resorts offered.  ($398-$799 per week)
  •          20 Premium weeks per year with concierge services
  •          Unlimited Non Premium weeks per year
  •          Unlimited use to all other travel, including hotels, cruises, flights, car rentals
  •          Travel 52 weeks a year
  •          Unlimited guest weeks, booked through guest week section only
  •          Fully Transferable ($75 Charge)
  •          Pay ONLY when you use the week
  •          No recurring fees or maintenance costs

2) Platinum member for $7,995

  •          Access to all resorts offered.  ($398-$799 per week)
  •          10 Premium weeks per year with concierge services
  •          Unlimited Non Premium weeks per year
  •          Unlimited use to all other travel, including hotels, cruises, flights, car rentals
  •          Travel 52 weeks a year
  •          Unlimited guest weeks, booked through guest week section only
  •          Fully Transferable ($75 Charge)
  •          Pay ONLY when you use the week
  •          No recurring fees, costs, maintenance, zilch

3) Silver Member for $2,995

  •          Access to all resorts offered.  ($398-$799 per week)
  •          2 Prime weeks per year with concierge services
  •          Unlimited Non Premium weeks per year
  •          Unlimited use to all other travel, including hotels, cruises, flights, car rentals
  •          Travel 52 weeks a year
  •          Unlimited guest weeks, booked through guest week section only
  •          Fully Transferable ($75 Charge)
  •          Pay ONLY when you use the week
  •          No recurring fees, costs, maintenance, zilch


Global Resorts Network Review – Other Benefits

All members have access to not only the resort accommodations but there are other booking engines for searching best prices.

  • Airfare
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Car Rental
  • Cruises
  • Attraction Tickets
  • Complete vacations

There's also Member to Member bookings (members who have timeshare weeks they can't use will rent them to you for best pricing.  Weekly vacation fees must stay within the membership requirements, meaning a 7 night resort stay cannot be more than $799.

All cruise lines are represented.  You will see actual dates of departure, sailing itineraries and what cruise line is offering what.  Each cruise has a ink to the actual cruise line's main website and you can compare pricing.  I've always found the pricing to be better inside my membership.

I have used the airfare and car rental booking engines and again, about 80% of the time, the price through these have been better than anything else I've found online.

Note:  The primary product of the Global Resorts Network membership is the 7 night/8day resort accommodations.  As a courtesy to it's members, the travel provider has provided great search engines for you to use and compare for best pricing. 


Global Resorts Network Review – Membership Customer Service

As a member of Global Resorts Network travel club membership, you have phone and email support and your own concierge service when dealing with the actual travel provider.  Red carpet service is more like it!   

I have found that the travel club customer service goes above and beyond to assist you with any travel plans.  I have communicated both via phone and through the back office membership platform (online based). 

Furthermore, they have always called me after I've booked a vacation to make sure I'm a happy camper and I received everything as expected.


Global Resorts Network Review – Availability of Properties

Here's the best way to use the membership.

1)  When something comes up that you want to go to, look in your membership to see what resorts are in the area you're looking for. 

For example, let's say your folks called a family reunion, or your high school class is having a reunion, or there's a rock concert or festival or some event you want to go to.  Search the resorts and check with your concierge services as to any resorts in that area where you may be able to secure.  You'll be surprised to see how often there's a resort in the area you are visiting.  Remember, the cost of the resorts are cheaper than a hotel and motel, so why not?

2)  When you are planning a vacation not specific to a location.  I pull up the hot weeks and see what's available.  Because there are so many destinations in the world I want to explore, it doesn't really matter where I go, as long as the area seems interesting to me.  If I can pick up a vacation for $398 for the week, heck…why not?  I can immediately reserve it and pay for it and it's mine.  

3)  When you're planning a vacation with a specific venue in mind.  Again, because we don't have resorts in every nook and cranny, there may or may not be a resort in the specific destination you're looking for. 

TIP:  If you don't see something listed in the registry, it doesn't mean there isn't something there.  ALWAYS check with your personal concierge service to see what they can do for you.


Global Resorts Network Review – Any Cons?

I've seen many Global Resorts Network Review but nobody seems to really have cons.  There's always a con in everything, right? 

Well, if there was one "con", this is the ONLY thing I can think of, and it's not really even an issue too much.

The Global Resorts Network membership is made up of timeshare resort properties in over 5,000 locations worldwide.  So while there's properties all over the world, there may not be an resort in the location you want to travel to.  Make sense?

Note:  If you want to make sure there's resorts in "most visited" family fun destinations… they are there!

Theme parks like Disney properties in California and Florida
Theme parks like Sea World, Universal Studios and such.
Gambling like Las Vegas and Branson
Historic places like Williamsburg, VA

Wineries like Napa Valley
Ski Resorts like Colorado
Shows and tourists towns like Gatlinburg and Myrtle Beach
Golfing resorts coast to coast
Water park resorts like Palm Springs

Places outside the US are abundant as well.


Global Resorts Network Review – My Experience

I have used the travel club membership several times and have NEVER been disappointed. 

I've always received fast and friendly, red carpet service from my personal concierge services with the travel provider and I've enjoyed my vacation stays. 

I personally feel that if every family owned this travel club, they would vacation more.  They could afford to vacation more.  In fact, they couldn't afford not to vacation more. 

The Global Resorts Network membership is fully willable and transferable for a $75 fee so if at some point the owner of the membership is not able to travel anymore, it's a beautiful gift to someone he/she/they love.

I hope you've enjoyed this Global Resorts Network Review


Global Resorts Network – No Longer Exclusive Right To Offer

Anyone wanting to own this membership used to have to go through Global Resorts Network affiliate arm.  However, with the new GRN management, they lost that right.  

There is now another company that offers the same exact travel club membership that GRN does.  It's called GAAB Travel International.  

As I said at the beginning, I'm an entrepreneur who also has used the Global Resorts Network travel club membership for years and am very happy.  

My dismay came in 2013 as the affiliate arm, Global Resorts Network, was put under new management.  There was a new name change, new pricing, new affiliate structure and I really didn't care for any of it.  I did not feel it best suited my customers and gave them the care and attention and professionalism that this travel product deserved.  

Therefore, I simply moved my affiliate status of the membership from GRN to GAAB Travel International and I'm able to serve you even better!.  You can learn more here.

It's the same great membership and customer service… just better pricing and customer service to take care of you!   I'm still here to show you the membership, answer your questions and I still use the membership.  

Global Resorts Network – Private Tour

If you would like to take a private tour of the GRN membership, I can serve you.  CLICK HERE and request a tour.  We will spend about 20 minutes using a screen sharing program so you can see my back office.  They're fun and informative and you'll see why you want to be a member.

JOIN the Travel Club Membership

Join the Travel Club Membership Here

I'll expect to hear from you soon!

Debbie Turner…. Living Life On Vacation!




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