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Congratulations and Welcome!


<<< Yep, that's me taking an afternoon siesta on the shores of Punta Sur in Mexico.

You're about to be spoiled as you become a member of this fabulous travel club and now have the privilege of staying at the same resort, same room, same dates as those who…

1)  Had to buy the timeshare and pay thousands and thousands of dollars plus their annual maintenance fees plus, can only vacation 1 week a year


2)  Had to pay 50% – 90% MORE than you through a one-time use stay through search engines like Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, etc.

… for a fraction of the price.  You'll pay only $398 and sometimes less, but never more than $799 for 7 night stays around the world in the planet's most beautiful real estate.

And I love that for you! 

You DON'T have to buy the timeshare.

You DON'T pay yearly fees.

You DON'T have to sit through timeshare presentations.

You DON'T have to pay retail for one-time use stays.


So let's get you out and about with your first vacation!

There are 3 Travel Club Membership Packages as follows to meet your budget and travel needs:

All memberships prices are a ONE-TIME purchase.  You only pay "per-use" thereafter.

I'm going to redirect you to my updated travel site where you can see pricing and decide which membership suites your family.




Here's what happens after you complete your
online application and purchase your membership:

Receiving your Travel Club Membership:

GAAB Travel International will email you your receipt for purchase.

Your membership will be ordered by from the travel provider.

You will begin to receive emails from the travel provider.  Please set up a folder in your email to keep these handy.  You will be receiving video tutorials on how to search for properties and make reservations along with the customer service information.

Within 7-10 days you will receive your login to your online travel club platform to search for and book your travel vacation.  They have red carpet service via email and phone to assist you.  You will appreciate that.

Enjoy your membership!  Book your first vacation! 

Oh.. and take lots of pictures and put them in a scrapbook with journaling the "who, what where and when" for your future generations to enjoy!



I've been offering this membership since 2007 and have helped hundreds of people secure theirs.  I've had 100% happy customers!

If you're not sure and want a one-on-one tour with me or my assistant of the vacation membership back office, fill out this form and let's do it.